WOW-KIMMER..there really are 2 sides to EVERY story

I no longer support the Kimkins.con site, diet creator, nor dangerous weight loss plan


WOW, there really are 2 sides to every story.  But there are multiple perspectives.  There are as many perspectives to a story as there are folks that have been touched by the story.  Everyone’s perspective has their own “tweak” to one side or the other.  It’s called their version of the story…..I’m so glad that I have now heard many versions of this story. 

For me, the controversy was never about WOE, in that aspect, I lost weight, I’m still healthy and the program worked.  I’m not here to debate this one way or the other.  It’s a personal decision.  I suggest that everyone make their OWN decision.  I do believe that others have experienced health problems, but I have not.

For me, the controversy was never about a fake photograph or multiple fake photographs.  I have been lied to by multitudes in the diet and weight loss community my entire life.  I guess I’m desensitized to it.  Advertisers lie sometimes, in my opinion, more often than not.

For me, the controversy was never about paying $60 for a subscription to a website.  I paid for a food plan…I got it….I paid for a website….I got it…..I paid for support….I got it….. But admittedly, I didn’t expect much, because I didn’t expect to look like the Russian bride in the picture when it was all said and done….even when I lost the weight.   Remember, I’m desensitized.

So, why am I here now…..didn’t I get everything I paid for?  Yes, I did, I actually got more than what I paid for….I got an education.  This smalltown girl from HICKTOWN, OH….got a big ‘ole life lesson. 


I reached out to you to offer support when I felt like folks just wouldn’t let this lie, (let it R.I.P.).  I didn’t understand.  I walked out into cyber-space and was appalled at what I saw.  What appeared to be mean, nasty, hateful, hurtful…. and guess what….as hurtful as that was…..It was nothing compared to the shock that I had when I found out about you.  You didn’t hurt me Kimmer.  That would give you entirely too much power, which is one of the things that I believe you thrive on.  Hurt, is not what you did to me.  You shocked me.  Absolutely shocked me.  The twisted and demented things that you do and for seemingly no reason.  You have an internet business.  You have had multiple opportunities to do the right thing, including ending the lawsuit.  Ending the lawsuit is completely and entirely in your hands for the small little price of TELLING THE TRUTH!.  I know its a novel idea….but TELLING THE TRUTH and guaranteeing that you will TELL THE TRUTH from this day forward.  You would prefer to pay the attorneys hundreds of thousands of dollars rather than to TELL THE TRUTH.  So, what more is hiding out there that people don’t know, that you would prefer to shell out money for your defense, when all you have to do is TELL THE TRUTH.  THE TRUTH….must just be earth shattering…if you are willing to pay that kind of money to hide it. 

So Heidi….what have you made me.  Maybe not so much the success story that I gave you credit for.  You made me a liar Heidi.  One of my biggest assets is my honesty.  Why do you think people were drawn to my writing in the posts and personal journal.  Everyone commented on my ability to write and my honesty.  But, here and now, I will tell you…you made me a liar.  I lied.  I lied two times in this controversial mess.  I lied and it bothers me.  It absolutely bothers me.  (well, one of the two lies bothers me.)  Yep, I’m big on honesty, integrity, respect, integrity, personal responsibility, integrity, gratitude, integrity…Did I mention that I am big on INTEGRITY. 

Heidi…I lied to you…….Well, when I said it to you, I meant it. But when I saw the twisted and deceitful mind games that you are capable of playing.  I changed my mind.  Is that a lie, or is that a breach of trust.  Not sure…not sure it matters how you label it.  It’s dishonest and Dee is not a dishonest person.  Enough about Dee. Do you wanna know what I lied about?  I told you that you could trust me.  And you believed it, because you know the mental game.  You’ve read some of Dee’s journal, so you know how I feel about honesty, integrity, personal responsibility, etc.. You just underestimated Dee.  You thought that Dee still had no confidence, no self-esteem and no self-respect.  Did you not read my journal? Or did you just read to the point of figuring out some of my mind, so that you’d know what chords to stroke.  When I said I was building confidence, self-esteem, and self-respect, I wasn’t lying. Those things were being built.  They are strong. 

So, Heidi….here is where your lies started unraveling for me.  A chance link to another’s blog. Curiousity of what might be being said about me.  Confrontation about what was being said about me.  A little cruising on the links in the thread.  A chance encounter with an oopsie roll.  My food addiction, took me to food, good healthy food and an oopsie roll sent me searching for answers….OOPS!!!!  So back I went to read more.  And…more I read. 

Heidi….I was very careful up to one point to just defend my right to respect, my name, and my right to participate in KK.  Then, the blog with the birthday challenge was posted.  I did take offense to that.  I took offense to that for you.  And, guess what…for the first time…I spoke out in defense of Heidi Diaz.  I put my neck out there…like I wasn’t already getting enough heat….to defend you.  Guess what Heidi…I stood out there alone.  I looked around and you were nowhere to be found.  I continued defending you, because for me, not making goals, weight, etc is very personal.  So I stood there ALONE and defended you.  Where were you?  At the point that I said it’s better to say something rather than nothing in one of the blogs, I was sure that you would appear somewhere with information on your progress to your birthday goal.  I didn’t care if you gained weight, lost weight or stayed the same.  Just post something.  NOTHING.  I stood there alone. 

Heidi…I lied…I told you that you could trust me.  I said what you write to me….stays with me.  I LIED!

Here is my original email  & your responses trying to show support to you when I BELIEVED that you were being wronged. 

This last Kimmer post was on 5/8/2008.  I believe the original PM was on 5/1/2008 (unverified)

Kimmer wrote

They don’t mess with you because you said your piece in a rational, well thought out way. And you basically told them “Go ahead and talk about me, I don’t care.” You took the fun out of it. I suspect they’ll probably try again later, it’s what they do.

But when you’re asking yourself, “Why are they doing this?” … just look at your before/after. That’s why they’re doing it. I’m so proud of your progress. You looking amazing (and “they” hate that!)


PS – Can I use your pics on the front page? It’s OK to say “no”.

>>DEEDLYNN wrote:
>> Thanks for sharing. I appreciate it. What you write to me…stays with me. Period end.
>> I am going to start working on the list taht you put in their to help support the site (and the good folks here).
>> Not sure if the girl that emailed me about being “banned” is sincere or not, but I will suggest that she email you and maybe you’ll remember her. She sounded sincere, but there are moles out here. As recently as yesterday someone cut and paste something that xxxx wrote and put it in xxxxx blog. xxxxx PM’d me and I told her basically the same thing you told me. Told her to put her beautiful face back on her pics and just ignore them.
>> Your right…They can “suck the brains right out of your head”. LOL. Funny thing is….they don’t seem to mess with me as much as others. I said my peace and then when they responded, it was only with diversionary tactics–completely missing my point. When I called them on it. The pretty much stopped. But, I’m done going out there. Anything I say falls on deaf ears and there is work for me to do here.
>> Have a good weekend.
>> And, again, Thank You.
>>>>Kimmer wrote:
>>>>Hi Dee,
>>>>Thanks for writing. My goodness you’ve got a good head on your shoulders! Their ignorance shows in not understanding that I can’t speak freely at this point. I’ve already said more than I should and I’ve been scolded by my attorneys.
>>>>This is what I did wrong:
>>>>1) I used model photos to show Kimkins possibilities
>>>>2) I exaggerated my personal weight loss
>>>>That’s it. Hand to God, that’s it.
>>>>Now the naysayers can gossip and speculate all they want, but that’s all I’ve done “wrong”, and those issues were eliminated from the website. We offered a refund for 6 months, only received a handful of requests and those were paid.
>>>>Without going into detail, I can give you some highlights which are in the court transcripts, so I’m not speaking out of school. On the other hand, I’m not going to talk to “them” in any capacity. Please don’t repeat what I’m telling you:
>>>>1) It is a civil suit filed by Tiedt in hopes of having a class action suit certified at some point. He had 11 plaintiffs which has dwindled to 7. He needs at least 9.
>>>>2) I sent Paypal refunds to all of the plaintiffs back in Nov 2007. 4 accepted them, 7 didn’t. I don’t think Tiedt knows this. The 4 that did, it takes them out of the lawsuit. The 7 who didn’t, it may remove them as well since they refused the refund they’re suing for.
>>>>3) Tiedt is looking everywhere desperately trying to find a government agency to take action against KK. He’s contacted every agency and DA in California. So far nothing and it’s been 6+ months. We’ve had 5 AG complaints from the same people (all had already received refunds, 1 refused and actually sent the refund check back to me “registered” which cost her $8!) We reply to the AGs with an explanation of what’s happening, provide proof of refund (or attempted refund) and that’s the end of it.
>>>>4) People like Jeannie Baitinger talk about Tiedt “granting immunity” which is so ridiculous. He’s a private attorney, he can’t grant anything if a DA or AG filed an action … and there isn’t one. Then she said I sent computer viruses to her. What? She ran a “cleaner” and it showed like 260 “bugs”. When I run my cleaner it says I have over 1000, but they aren’t viruses. They’re cookies from websites, launch files, popups from websites you visit, etc. She doesn’t understand and wouldn’t listen to me. Jimmy Moore is saying the same thing, that I hacked his site. Me? Who can barely send emails without getting an error message … hacking. Yeah.
>>>>5) There was a court hearing last Friday which was a formality because Tiedt & our attorneys had already agreed to place the existing Paypal funds in a trust account pending outcome of the suit and in return we get Paypal access back instead of the payment outfit we’re currently using that charges a higher fee. The naysayers think there’s a lot of $$$ in Paypal, it’s only a few thousand which I had moved back to Paypal in anticipating of having thousands of refund requests (never happened). What “they” don’t know is that there’s very little cash available. I sent $800K to the IRS, $400K to the tech guys (we had a % agreement several months before the magazine), $$$ for attorneys, and $$$ paid to affiliates, staff, Becky Winn (littlebit), Christin, Deni (awakened) plus hosting and operating expenses.
>>>>About bannings. I’ll tell you that no one has been banned that doesn’t know why. I won’t go into details or talk about people … but spamming forums with anti-KK trash, telling people KK will kill them, etc. then they will be banned. KK forums are for support and if these people hate KK, then what do they need support forum access for?
>>>>Ban – When a member is banned, they still have full access to the entire website except forums/chat/PMs. They can access the diet, options, grocery list, recipe box, “How Emily Does Kimkins”, etc.
>>>>Disabled – When a member receives a refund, their account is disabled. They cannot access any of the “log in” areas of the website, but can still see the front page, weight loss tools, blog, etc.
>>>>I’m glad you want to help. This is what would help the most to keep the KK site strong:
>>>>1) Stay active on the forums, post often and in other people’s Introductions or Personal Journals, too.
>>>>2) Let me use your before/after on the front page with your “story” for Success In Progress.
>>>>3) Start a positive Kimkins blog (go to, it only takes a minute and I’ll show you how to get it pinged by Technorati (then it goes to Google). You can even transfer your posts from KK to there so you don’t have to rewrite everything each day. A blog is just a diary.
>>>>4) Ask your buddies here to start positive blogs too (do it in PM).
>>>>5) If you know any clever Kimkins members, ask them to do positive YouTube videos. I don’t know much about that stuff, except that nearly everything on the YouTube about KK is negative.
>>>>6) If you belong to any other forums spread the KK word and tell them about your success!
>>>>I’m sad about xxxxx. She’s such a nice girl. She ISN’T banned and she knows that. She asked for a new account because Amyb and Christin were harassing her with emails & phone calls. To open the new account we have to close the old account and that’s what we did. Her new account was ready to use and she told people that she’s banned? So I canceled the new account, reactivated her old account and sent her an email. She didn’t answer me and hasn’t been back. She can post at any time … I wish she would. I really like her.
>>>>I’ve let some “banned” people back, but sometimes that backfires, too. They want to come back as moles, while pretending to be our friends. If you know any good people who were banned and want back, tell them to email me at and we’ll see.
>>>>We’ve got plans for when this is over (hurry to goal, you’ll be part of it!) Thanks for the support, Dee. Do your best NOT to read the trash out there … it will suck the brain right out of your head.
>>>>>>DEEDLYNN wrote:
>>>>>> Just a note for you.
>>>>>> I have written Gary and he helped me a bit, but now…I want to write you….not for help….but to give you support.
>>>>>> I have stepped out into cyber-space and dang sure didn’t like what I saw. Told Gary it was like a porthole to hell. And it really bothered me…so I have no idea how you do it. I just got a small gliimpse and this is something that you have been dealing with for a very long time. Too long in my opinion. So kudos for you for holding your head high and continuing in this
>>>>>> Quite frankly, I don’t know how you can trust anyone anymore. But I want you to know that you have a true FRIEND here. A true supporter and I will never turn on you.. I don’t know how you can trust when I say that…but it’s the truth.
>>>>>> I know that you can’t comment on the lawsuit–I work in I get it…even though the “haters” say that your hiding behind–I can’t comment because of the lawsuit. Apparently, they have no idea how that works. I do. But I want to tell you some things–in support of you…
>>>>>> First, I don’t even know whether it’s a pending criminal suit or civil suit. That’s how much I have tried to ignore it. But one things for sure, if it is a criminal suit….the next thing that will follow is a civil suit…because it all boils down to the almighty dollar and blaming someone else for our problems. Funny thing is…they don’t understand that the only people that will get rich….are the attorneys.
>>>>>> Second, the “haters’ spout off that Kimmer admitted in her deposition that she lied and was a fraud. What they don’t understand…is that you get Kudos for telling the truth…no matter how hard it was. I really don’t know what you did one way or the other. I don’t care. It’s not my business. When I paid to become a member of this site….I got exactly what I paid for. I WOE and support. And, I see depo transcripts every day of my life. What they don’t realize is that the majority of folks lie in them (even under oath) to save themselves or to make a buck With me…it’s usually to make a buck because it’s a civil suit. So they out and out lie. Whatever you said…it was apparently the truth and it couldn’t have been easy for you. So…hat’s off to you.
>>>>>> Third, I want you to know that you have support out here. I am behind you 100%. I’m not a mole and have no intention of donig anything from this day forward but concentrating my efforts on making this site successful and the folks on it successful. I’m not going to stray outside heremuch…it’s an ugly naaty world out there. Gary said he sees it as a dose of comedy…I think I still take it pretty personally. You need people in your camp and I’ll tell you what. You can feel free to give my information to your attorney, because I would have no problem being there on your behalf. Not one inkling of a problem with it.
>>>>>> The funny thing is…and I shared this with Gary…..they (the haters)…are only strong in a “gang” type mentality. Because I have had some email me about my post at AmyB’s blog telling me that they were confused, got caught up in it etc. I think she may have even said that she knew that this was the WOE for her and the WOE wasn’t new to her from something called Lean & Green or something. It was LauraLa. She said that she missed the site. I had befriended LauraLa and she knew better she gave into peer pressure and the “gang” mentality. So I have no response to her. She made her bed….she needs to lay in it.
>>>>>> Another emailed me that she got caught up in the initial “banning”, but she had just asked some questions or something. She said she wished that she could get back into the site because she really wanted to do it. She wanted to know what my typical daily eating was. I haven’t responded yet…because I am so naive that I can’t tell the moles from the ones that sincerely want help. But I guess I can respond to that. What do I care…if she is a mole…she can post me menu all over the place…it’s in FITDAY…LOL.
>>>>>> I might never get ti neet you, Gary or Del, but I consider you all friends and I am sorry for what they have put you through and are putting you through.
>>>>>> If you need anything from me… just ask. For now…all I can give you is support within this site. I let them derail me for about a milli-second and that was a milli-second to long. Fell off the wagon…but today back on and back on with a vengence (thanks only made me stronger). And Kimmers, that’s what I hope they are doing for you…..making you stronger.
>>>>>> Thanks!
>>>>>> Dee
>>>>>>P.S. I do think I have the respect of most everyone on this site. There are two that would disagree…xxxxxxxxx and xxxxxx  because xxxxxx and I had a personal conflict…which I let get the best of me and responded to her…well, not with so much kindness and compassion. I apologized, but well…let’s just say we avoid each other. xxxxxx  felt like she had to put herself in the middle. But other than that…I think the only posts that you would ever see from me on this site are either positive or a reality of my weight loss journey–the good, the bad and the ugly. So I hope that gives you some peace that you are dealing with someone you can trust.
>>>>>>Have a good rest of your weekend.

Time Sent: 09:13
There it is…the good, the bad and the ugly.  I printed my “ugly” just like yours.  But let me tell you what stands out Heidi…what caught my eye……
1)  There is no money…..if there is no money Heidi….then can you explain the purchase of your house…. I mean,  I work for a living.  I have never swindled, scammed, or defrauded anyone out of one dime.  I work hard…everyday. I live in a modest $125,000 home in beautiful HICKTOWN, OH.  I have a mortgage.  I pay it every month.  So Heidi…how is it that someone who doesn’t have a “day” job and claims no income from their internet site…how do they pay for a house in California.  Do you have a better interest rate with Chase, or is it a local building & loan.  Surely they don’t pay cash for a house.  I dunno….interesting question though.
2) You are technically challenged with computers.  I understand this. I am technically challenged with a computer.  But you could ask me to start a positive blog, you could tell me where to start it, you could help me with it, you could tell me how not to get “pinged” or to get “pinged” whatever the HELL that means.  (Although I think I know enough now to believe that it bumps you up the ladder on a google search–but then again…you already knew that didn’t you HEIDI? )
3)  You left out one important fact about being Techy challenged too….you son is an IT expert isn’t he?
4)  You let me honor you for telling the TRUTH in your deposition.  You let me praise you for telling the TRUTH, like I was encouraging my 3 year old granddaughter to tell the TRUTH and then rewarding her for it when she does.  She is 3…her rewards are earned, because she is learning the difference between the TRUTH and a LIE.  You are not 3…you should already know the difference.  But it is apparent that you don’t or that you don’t care.  And, BTW, telling the truth, when you are forced to….as opposed to when you are confronted with physical evidence of your lies….I’m not sure that is as much TELLING the TRUTH as it is ACKNOWLEDGING that you were caught in a LIE. 
So yes, Heidi….I lied.  I wouldn’t trust me if I were you.  You can trust one thing though.  I will do the RIGHT thing.  And, if I have wronged someone, I will make it RIGHT or try too.  Beginning with my next blog. (I was going to put them in the same blog as you.  No one deserves that…they will get a blog of their own.)
  But Heidi…you don’t have to worry about my hurling insults at you, you don’t have to worry about my cutting and pasting your pictures in threads and you don’t have to worry about me hi-jacking your website.  That’s not my style.  I’m more a facts kinda girl.  Now, while those aren’t my tactics.  I understand them a little more now….because their your tactics aren’t they….I mean Heidi… you wouldn’t dare…Hi-jack Jeannies site or Jimmy Moore’s site would you,  you wouldn’t dare hurl insults at Christin and Deni would you? you wouldn’t dare hurl insults at AmyB would you?  (Don’t literally answer that).  But dealing in facts…that’s kinda scarey isn’t it HEIDI…because there’s truth in facts isn’t there.  And the TRUTH is the basis for this whole thing isn’t it.  The TRUTH is what you are paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to your attorney’s to hide…isn’t it?  Have you told your attorneys the TRUTH or are they as surprised as the rest of us as it gets revealed?  The TRUTH probably scares you to death…and quite frankly….I’m a little scared to know the TRUTH at this point as well.  But being the fact girl that I am…..I look for the TRUTH and it usually finds me. 
  The truth is Heidi, that you are a toxic person who lies, cheats, steals, scams and swindles to make your way in this life.  Beyond that, you play senseless mind games to feed your own ego.  You absolutely proved that in your PM to me this past Saturday morning.  I believe it was 5/17/2008, if you need to refresh your memory.  You tried to intimidate me, by using my old feelings of being lonely and weak.  You took things about me that I clearly identified and tried to prey on them.  At that point, the only thing that I had done was not respond to your first PM, so you didn’t know how I felt…you were fishing for answers & a response, and the way you knew to get them from me is to attempt to intimidate the “old” Dee, then kinda back handly buddy up to me with a compliment and concern.  Heidi…I’m not stupid…..your very transparent at the mental games.
  Now Heidi, I have just one question for you.  Am I banned?  I don’t believe that I have done anything against my TOS here.  I have merely stated facts.  As part of the KK community, I am suppose to seek and give support.  I believe that I’ve done that. 
  Everyone’s watching for this answer Heidi….Is Dee banned or not?  Wanna know why it’s important, because if you don’t ban Dee…you know that now she knows some of the truth and is searching for the rest.  She’s somewhat of a loose cannon.  But if you ban Dee, then the folks that respected her honesty in the KK community are really going to question whether or not Dee violated the TOS and what Heidi’s motivation was for removing her from the site.  Quite a quandry I’d say. 
  For the record, even if I am NOT BANNED, I’m not sure that I would exercise my right to return and certainly if I did, it would only be to support my friends and receive support from my friends.
  Heidi…I know what I got out of being on the Front Page and the May Newsletter.  It was ego stroking.  I never had that kind of attention (you knew that didn’t you).  But what I didn’t realize was what you got out of it.  Sure, you had a success story…there are some in there…some that aren’t made up profiles, some who really stuck it through, nose to the grindstone.  But I actually made a good reprsentation of the Women’s World article.  Failed Lapband patient losses 109 lbs on KK.  Man, what more could you ask for…when the Women’s World article came out in June promising WLS like results, then 10 months later, a former WLS patient loses more than 100 from KK.  But it wasn’t until I started piecing this together, that I realized that it wasn’t just space filler for you.  It was much more.  (That’s the naive Dee coming out, but she’s working on it. )
  Heidi…to you and all of your personas….The truth will set you free.  Well, it will sets most of us free….I’m guessing the TRUTH is gonna get you in trouble.
Now…because this blog has been ousted early….I have not got to draft the blog to Christin, Deni, John T, AmyB and my KK friends.
But, since it is about my lying…Yes AMYB, I lied when I told you that Heidi didn’t ask me to start a blog.  She didn’t ask me to start THAT blog, nor at wordpress.  I did start that blog in order to avoid hi-jacking yours.  I was careful not to “name” the blog anything PRO KIMKINS.  Even though I talked of my KK success, that blog was for anyone to write anything….I believe that I was even called a DRAMA WHORE.  I posted everything in there.  So…it was a “there are 2 sides to EVERY story” blog.  My mindset evolved while participating out here.   So, AmyB…I lied.  that was the big lie.  Whether it was big or small, important to you or not….it was a lie….and DEEDLYNN is not a liar. 

15 Responses to “WOW-KIMMER..there really are 2 sides to EVERY story”

  1. amyb1569 Says:

    Thank You Dee.
    I have known you lied the whole time about the blog. If that is the worse thing you have lied about concerning Kimmer..then so be it.
    Kimmer tells so many lies she can not keep them clear. For example the one that she has told to have her new front page …well desperate.

  2. Becky Says:

    Brava, Dee! You did the right thing, and I pray your friends at Kimkins follow your example.

    You have handled yourself with confidence and fairness under trying circumstances, It is such a difficult spot to be in, but you did well.

  3. amyb1569 Says:

    I hit post before I was done..
    I know it is not easy to do what you did today. I hope you now can move forward and heal. You need to back away this weekend and rest. Time to heal Dee. YOu know where to find me.
    Hey maybe we can say we agree to agree..ya think?

  4. katinsac Says:

    Dee, thanks for being so open and honest and I’m sorry you had to find out the hard way about Heidi. I too speak for myself and not the “group” but there are many, many, lies in Heidi’s emails still. I was one of the “special” banned people…I do not have access to everything but the forums and chat…I cannot get to anything. And yes, I am one of the plaintifs in the lawsuit and, NO, I was not offered an refund. That is just tow of her lies. There are more but they are irrelivant at this time. We all know she cannot tell the truth. Best of luck with your journey.

  5. Sue Says:

    Bye Dee

  6. deedlynn22 Says:

    Sue…I hope you read my email and my subsequent blog to the KK community.

    I will say bye as well, but know, that it doesn’t have to be a bad experience out here. You compimented me for standing my ground and for being courageous out there. (in cyberspace). I hope that you feel that I was courageous no matter what road I chose for myself.

    Our experiences were different. We handled them differently. Mine way of handling it was no better than yours. We both did what we thought we needed to do for ourselves.

    I encourage you to read my blog to the KK community and I encourage you to at least consider it.

    Whatever way you choose to eat….that’s your business. But, the deceptive mind games that Heidi is able to play…they are outrageous. (actually that word even pales). The truth is coming out. I know that for a fact. I’m not sure if the KK site will shut down or not…but everyone needs to know that there are good sites and good people out there. Free sites. Not going to re-hash it…please read the blog.


  7. Anonymous Says:

    I appluad you Dee. I have been watching all of this unfold…praying for you and amazed at your courage to stick through the questioning and baiting and be able to stand on your own two feet and find your way to “your peace”. You are a brave woman…I am in awe!

    Bless you in your continued journey!


  8. deedlynn22 Says:

    Thank you anonymous…best of luck on your journey as well. Thanks for stopping by.

  9. Prudentia Says:

    Dee, I think it is safe to say you are in the anger stage at this point. As one who also values truth very highly, I can appreciate the moral dilemma that Heidi caused you. Keep searching for more and more of the truth. Don’t stop. We are known by the company we keep. My hat is off to you for being brave enough, secure enough and honest enough to be willing to step away from folks whose company you enjoy so dearly in order to separate yourself from someone like Heidi Diaz.

  10. amyb1569 Says:

    Check your e-mail box from me later today.

  11. 2big4mysize Says:

    couragous move to leave a place you felt comfortable, supported and safe inside.
    I wish you the best and am looking forward to seeing what you can do to alter your Kimkins eating plan to get those foods Cleo has pics of on her blog. if you need any help adding fats back to make it safer and more enjoyable you can read in the topic how. Controlled carb unlike Kimmer does have a PhD in nutrition

  12. Deni Says:

    I’m really proud of you Dee. I know it wasn’t easy… and it really bugs me to no end that Heidi put you in this position in the first place. She won’t stop till she’s been forced to shut down.
    I pray for whoever is her next “ego to be stroked”.

    I hope you know that I’ve always suspected you would find the truth and be a spotlight on it. 🙂

  13. ocean Says:

    Dee I am sorry that you learned the way we all did that Heidi K Diaz/kimmer or whatever of her many aliases she uses is a lying psycopath. Manipulation is her forte and not one word of truth has ever passed her lips.
    She has hurt thousands with the Kimkins con and who knows how many others there have been. (Frauds, cons, lies, swindles, it is all she knows)

    Take time to heal and keep your weight loss journey going forward. I am one of the many that have lost and maintained that loss with the support of LCF and despite the kimkinites claims there are a lot of us and we are real people.

    Hugs to you for your pain and prayers for your health and healing.

  14. Laurala Says:


    I am so glad that you now know what I recently myself found out about Heidi. You are a beautiful woman inside and out and Im keeping you in my prayers as you struggle with this mess. I still am in shock over most of it. Its so sad that a place so wonderful has to be tainted with fraud and lies. I wish you all the best and continued success with yoru journey. Take Care, Laurala

  15. Jennie Says:

    Dee…. You are still my HERO!!

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